Garbe Life

This is solely because I am in love with this Mr. Garbe Sweatshirt.



Little Frenchie

These are currently two of my favourite trends, ‘off-shoulder anything’ and ‘chokers’. In fact someone called me the chocker


Going Green

For the longest time, I refused to believe in the ‘go green’ trend. Like a lot of other


  • When your girl becomes @revlon's new makeup artist for Nigeria, all you think is damn, my makeup game's about to be disrespectful! 😂
So proud of you baby girl, this is only the beginning.
  • When you and your girls are blessed and God is doing great things in your lives 😁

  • Teeeebeeeeteeeeee 
  • And don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. 
#Positivity #Selfworth
  • "On Wednesdays ..... " 🌸
  • There's no zebra emoji 😔