• Take all my money, why don’t you.
  • Friday dreamingggggggg
  • Somewhere in Lagos living my best life, while Lagos stays looking like a piece of art.
  • Far from a pink girl but so in love with my @moxielagos phone case 💞

And the fact that I just have a phone case. I’ve had so many dreams of my screen cracking this week!
  • So I put up a really long post about my 2-day trip to Benin Republic and I realised two things.
1) I have the weirdest luck getting places which makes for pretty awesome stories. 
2)I’m so happy about the progress I’ve made with doing what I like this year and can’t wait to see what awesomeness next year brings. 
It’s been a good journey, kinda like a walk on the beach. 
Check out the post on #TheSohoSister (Link in bio)
  • Stay weird.