A Daily Dose of Positivi-Tea

Sometime not long ago, I realised what it was that brought so much sadness and despair into my life. I am so young, have my whole life ahead of me and it makes absolutely no sense how sad and depressed I let myself get when minor things happen.  I realised that I was just born with and suffering from a disease – overthinking. It was the reason I had so much negativity beside me, around me, over me and in me. My brain does this thing where it magnifies every bad situation and over complicates any issue, no matter how little – almost like when you become a vampire in Vampire Diaries and all your emotions get heightened.

It’s strange because I am such a ball of energy and fun when I am around people, but put me in a room by myself, put my thoughts on a screen and watch me pick every non-issue, make it an issue, find all the negativity in the world, absorb it and then end up a total mess.

After a lot of thinking, writing –  and googling how to find inner peace and avoid depression , I realised that happiness is a state of mind, and the one thing I should’ve spent my time doing is controlling my mind, learning to condition my brain to understand that nothing is ever that deep. Calm myself down in situations I had no control over and realise that if it won’t matter in 5 years, I shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes on it.

I decided to write this post after speaking to a few people and realising that quite a few people are like me, they carry all this negative energy around, overthink things, and end up creating problems that don’t actually exist in their heads, and then have to deal with this self created problem.

I’ve learnt to do something, every time I try to over complicate things in my head, I say to myself, “this shit is not as deep as you think it is. Breathe baby and make yourself a cup of positivitea.” In every situations, what I try to do is see the positive. It can’t be totally bad, if you think hard enough, you’ll realise God probably needed this particular thing to happen for a reason, a reason bigger than you, so don’t overthink it, let it go.

To help me stay positive daily, I try to do two things. For about 15 – 20 minutes each day, I look inside and meditate on all the things going well in my life, and the things I am thankful for. It just helps you tap into that positive energy and makes you think, why do I even worry about anything. The second thing is my book of positivity – yes, I have a book of positivity, it’s a journal that has seen me through a lot and I have named ‘A Beautiful Souls Book of Positivity’. Every time I have negative thoughts I can’t control, I write myself a little note, it’s one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done. You never think something so little helps, but I promise you, it does.

I’ll say to you, find what works for you, being and staying positive is actually the key to everything, even DJ Khaled says so.

Because I am so extra, I am going to share one of the last things I wrote.

Hey Beautiful soul,

I know it hurts right now, but guess what?

It happens to the best of us.

Tell me one great person you know who had it easy.

Remember how many times you’ve felt this way, did they not all pass?

Isn’t this you, the strong and beautiful soul I remember from then and now?

Wipe away those tears beautiful soul,

Those beautiful eyes don’t deserve to be red and puffy.

That pretty little head needs space to generate those brilliant ideas.

Do you not know how many people miss the sound of that infectious laugh of yours?

Don’t let one persons selfishness ruin it for everybody, soul

Stop being a negative Nancy, there is no room for that in this soul,

All we know here is beauty, soul.





Osenny Hendrix


Segun Famuyinwa

For people who have been clinically diagnosed with depression i doubt this appreciation method works for them. Some people have deeper issues that we may know or even more than they like to admit. Yes every little helps but for people who have left that little stage, how do they goon?


Toyin Jolapamo

I am not necessarily writing for those people and I believe they need to seek professional help. Even then, I am pretty sure once you get professional, this is a method you might want to adopt just to ensure you are a little bit more optimistic about life. Unfortunately people are at different stages of depression, and this cannot help everyone but then again, everyone is different and different methods work for different people.


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