Content Vs. Consistency

Growth is a very weird concept, I find. It’s funny how you can be one person today and tomorrow you are a different person you do not recognise, and though you’re tempted to call it split personality disorder, it is simply called growth. I have grown in ways I never expected and do not quite understand myself, and something this growth has affected a lot  is this space we currently all exist in, TheSohoSister blog.

Now, something I have found really weird for a while is that I have become almost totally uninterested in blogging about fashion, my style or anything relating to the way I look. These days, I just want to write, about travel, about how I feel, just do everyday me, but typing. It’s weird that these days, when I hang out with people that knew me really well when I blogged, or indeed random people , I get comments like “why did you stop blogging, I really liked your blog because it was so relatable”, etc. Last weekend, I went to the Martell Blue Swift launch party in Lagos, where I ended up on Wale’s Instagram story, but thats totally not what this post is about.

At the party, a girl stopped me saying “I know you, why did you stop blogging, I loved your blog”, and I didn’t know why I blurted out “no I haven’t stopped, you’ll see some more posts soon”, because I realised a second letter that sounded a lot like a lie. I find it really strange saying I am no longer interested in the one thing that brought me so much joy, and a following that saw people actually interested in my life, my style and what I had to say about fashion, but it is just the way I currently feel.  I have grown out of being superficial and into my appearance. Yes, I like to look good from time to time, but it is not really top of my list anymore. I wear my glasses everyday now (something I never did up until about a year ago) I’m all of a sudden less interested in wearing heels. My go to outfit is a loose dress or big shirts, and slippers. Once in a while, I dress cute and trendy, but I have even gotten several comments at work about how I look like I come to work in my pyjamas on Fridays, the only day I get to wear what I want. When I went to this party, I just wore a cute playsuit and a pair of sandals, the normal me would’ve gone for a really “alté” outfit that would make everyone comment on what I was wearing – I loved being called alté. I don’t even keep up with trends anymore or buy things to wear the trend, I only buy things I like these days, trending or not. I am not sure if it’s a phase, but it’s got me thinking that moving away from fashion on my blog will make me look like a fraud, as that is why most people follow/followed me.

In a conversation I had with one of my friends who just gets me and gives me the best advice, she said to me, “ I don’t believe blogging is about what you put out, but about consistency”. I thought that statement was so profound and I never thought about it that way, but she explained that the people who get famous from blogging do not get there because they stick to one thing or are amazing, they are just relatable and consistent, and once you have been able to be relatable enough to grab people’s attention on one thing, you can do it on another.

It was such an eye opening moment for me because one of my biggest fears was seeming like a fraud by not posting frequently on the main reason that people follow my blog in the first place, but she made me feel slightly better about it, and I decided to put up this post and  throw it out there to my readers, what is most important for you when reading a blog the type of content or consistency?

I guess what I’m really asking is, would you hate me if I only post about fashion once a month? LOL



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Tiese Etim-Inyang

been reading your blog for a while now and while I loved your fashion posts, I’ve also been super interested in the recent posts outside of fashion. it’s nice being able to relate to other topics too! So that’s a no on hating you for reducing fashion posts to once a month. Haha.


Toyin J

Haha! Thanks a lot for this!


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