I’m Baaaaackkkkk!

Normal people would just put this video up, let it sit and speak for itself, but I think we can all agree on the fact that nobody likes normal people anyway. I’m the queen of doing the most and saying the most. Though I was recently told I need to talk less, this doesn’t count as talking, so I am going to do what I am best at – doing the most.

It’s so weird that I shot this video in December 2016, had it up on my blog in January, and I am here in March typing up a post, still not having put out my blog.

I’ve struggled so much with putting this out and gone through a few different phases.  First it was the fear of keeping up and going back to old habits, the last thing I want is to get back into that habit of promising and failing to post all the time. I worry about way too many things like am I always going to have enough content, do I have enough time and resources to create the kind of content I want to see? As my life has been so crazy, and I am the most unproductive person when I’m emotionally unstable, am I sure I want to do this now, or wait till later in year? After that, I moved to that place I go where I am so hard on myself and look at the things I have created and think, this is shit! Somehow, today, the 20th of March, I decided I need to stop overthinking and just put this damn thing out already!

I’ve come to realise, it will never be perfect, and if it ever has a chance at being perfect, there’s one thing I’d need to do first,START! So here I am, doing just that, launching TheSohoSister again – they say the third time’s a charm ey?


Lots and Lots and Lots of Love,

Toyin x




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Ugonna Nwaka

Awww! Congrats, glad to have you back! I’m also happy you had the courage to get back on. Shine on✨


Toyin Jolapamo

Thank you so much Ugonna! Means a lot! Glad to be back.


Ore Dosumu

Yes hunny!
Welcome back mama xxx


Toyin Jolapamo

Thanks mama xxx



Ahh welcome back! I used to read your blog when I was in year 11 and now I’m in final year. So good to have you back!


Toyin Jolapamo

Aww! This is so cute, thank you for trusting me again and actually coming on here.


Alexa Johara

So happy to see you back!


Toyin Jolapamo

Thanks hun! Happy to be back!


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