The One with the Night Market

Thailand is a place with many shops, markets, malls etc. I remember before we left, everyone made comments like “it’s all about the experience, not about shopping”, and as much as it was about the experience, the fact that there was a mall, a mini market, or a store every few yards meant it was literally about the shopping. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, considering the fact that we did not have that much money to shop, we only visited one of Thailand’s most famous night markets (not the most famous), the ‘Nata Night Market’, which is more popularly known as the ‘Phuket Weekend Market’. Random questions, is it totally cool for you to visit a market as an “activity” in other places you visit apart from your hometown or is that totally just a Nigerian thing?

In the post where I compared Phuket and Bangkok, I mentioned what getting around in Phuket was like, so as you can imagine, getting to the market cost the price of three nice bags and a meal. This price was only achievable thanks to my haggling skills as a true born Nigerian, and my mother for being ever so savage while haggling in front of us.

The Nata Night market was like Narnia – literally! A few streets with hundreds of stalls that sold everything, from clothing and beauty items, to appliances, to electronics, to even pets (yes, animals!), and my personal favourite, the real reason I was there, the best selection of street food, all at a ridiculous price – it was nothing short of amazing!

If theres one thing I’d recommend to do in Thailand, it’s definitely to visit a weekend market while you’re there, for the fist time in my life, I left a market after 4 hours not feeling exhausted, on the contrary, I felt sick from eating too much and overwhelmed by how much of the market we had seen, and how much we were yet to see. Apparently, Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is even more overwhelming, I thought to go there, but I am no brave heart, for the brave hearts, I recommend you give it a shot.

P.S. I recorded some videos I have now miraculously lost, which makes me look like I only visited the market for food, which I did, but I spent so much time trying to look like I didn’t to no avail. LOL

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I adore friends, and your friends reference is what attracted me to your blog which I like a lot by the way. I cannot imagine that I will go to this place and not return fat. hope to go some day.


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