“This Is So You” – A bloggers “I Love You”

“This is so you” – the four words better than everyone’s favourite three words “I love you”

The four words that make me so totally bubbly inside.

The four words I heard when I put this outfit on.

When I’m wearing an outfit, and someone says “this is so you”, all I can think is “wow, mama I made it. I just want to thank God for creating me, and my mother for bringing me into this world …”. Okay I’m just kidding, but those are honestly my favourite words to hear. I take those words to mean, your style is so distinct that if I saw this outfit on anyone, I’d know you put it together. Do any other bloggers get thus, or is this something only I feel?


Top – Zara| Cullotes – Misguided| Shoes – Sergio Rossi| Clutch: Max

Photography – Laah





Dami O.

Missguided has the loveliest pieces, I wish they deliver to Nigeria.

You look fantastic hun x


Toyin Jolapamo

The do! I had a bunch of stuff delivered in December, and it only took 4 days.


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  • Brunch with my grown ass baby @therestauranttrotter 💕
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  • You go Glen Coco!! #proud 
#Repost @bellaadeleke with @repostapp
Everything is happening so fast.!!! I can't even keep up with myself anymore... So the guys at @ziistudios gave me the opportunity to create some cool pieces for their brand and incidentally @aboutdami teamed up with @maccosmetics to produce Mac 'Runway Your Way' event. She asked if I would like to present the collection and I was more than excited to jump on the offer.
I am super excited and nervous. It's all happening today from 4pm (refreshments) and the show kicks off at 6. 
It'll be nice to see familiar faces cheering on from the crowd. Come through guys xx .
Thank you Dams for the opportunity. You're amazing at what you do. Producer extraordinaire🙌🏾🙌🏾
Ps Limited run of some of the designs will be up for sale too. #brickbybrick #praisesdue #ziistudios
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